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Securing your online accounts with a passwordless access using XFA

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Why should you use XFA?

It's fast, safe, and fun!

No Passwords! Eradicate 99% of Password usage
Passcode impossible
to intercept
We believe something you DO is harder to clone than something you ARE
XFA potential with PassWORD – Password better encrypted 1 portal per password
Passcode Scramble – secret rule to apply to your code that only you know
Accomplishes bona fide XFA faster than most 2FA applications

Comparison of User Authentication Methods



SYK — Something You Know


SYH — Something You Have, a device to access internet (computer or phone, 2FA app)


SYA — Something You Are, biometric recognition of face, fingerprint, eye scan, etc.

User Input

SYD — Something You Do, physical action (signing your name or making squiggle via a random pixel generation algorithm)

How it works

Press the XFA button on your favorite site
Enter your phone number and wait for the App notification to generate the passcode
Created a request to open a session
Create unique one-time passcode by drawing a random figure on the screen.
Remember the passcode
Enter the passcode in the browser login page using a Passcode Scramble (secret distortion rule)
Congratulations! You successfully logged in with the XFA

How do I start using XFA?

Open an account with in order to live-test the XFA authorization system

Sign up

Sign up for your online account at

Custom settings

Turn-on the XFA feature in your T-Wallet settings


Log out of your online account and log in again using XFA

Commercial rates for enterprise customers

Choose a monthly pricing package


Perfect for start-ups and small budgets

Up to 100 users


Price for 1 user


For small-med business

100 to 500 users


Price for 1 user


For competitive brands

500 to 1000 users


Price for 1 user


Please contact our sales team

1000+ users


Price for 1 user

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