How to setup XFA

  1. Go to and create online account.
  2. Go to account settings.
  3. Enable 3FA and enter phone number.

Step 2. Create Telegram account

  1. Download Telegram from the official site if you don’t have it.

Step 3. Get XFA App

  1. Install 3FA App. Open 3FA App, click on “Start”.
  2. Enter Phone Number.
  3. Wait for the pin code in Telegram
  1. Enter Telegram pin-code in XFA App.
  2. Enter recovery phone number and email address.
  3. Choose your secret distortion rule.

Step 4. Open account login page and XFA App

  1. Click “Sign in with XFA”.
  2. Enter Phone Number.
  3. Open app. Use your finger to generate passcode.
  1. Enter Passcode for Sign-in.
  2. Sign-in Accomplished!